NW Parent Grade Access

TeacherEase is fully implemented at Lincoln Junior High and Northwest Elementary School.  This tool offers parents the ability to find helpful information to support and guide their children through the educational process.  From home, work or any computer with Internet access, through a secure and password-protected website, parents can get an inside look at their student's schedule, attendance, assigned class work, test scores and progress reports.  The information is updated in real-time.  Parents can also use this tool as a means of communicating with their student's teachers.  With one click of the mouse, an email can be sent directly to your student's teacher.  Student's cafeteria balances can also be monitored on this system.

If you already have a login to use TeacherEase, simply click here to access the site. 

To obtain a UserName and Password, click here.  Please do NOT specify your student's school email address as your parent email address.  The system does not allow for two identical email addresses.

Some general guidelines for TeacherEase:

  1. Keep your Username and Password confidential.  Remember, anyone who has this information can check your child's records online.
  2. Please note that assignments will be graded and recorded in a reasonable amount of time.  Major projects and papers require a longer timeline for grading.  Questions about your child's grades should be directed to the individual teacher.  
  3. Final grades are determined by teachers using both objective and subjective criteria.  Grades shown in TeacherEase may not reflect your child's final grade until all scores are verified and posted by the school office.
  4. Using TeacherEase should not be a replacement for checking your student's planner and/or talking with your child about assignments and grades.  If you feel your child may be having difficulty in school, please contact the teacher.