Illinois law require students with a diagnosis of asthma to submit an asthma action plan to their child's school.  This action plan outlines the how the school responds to their child's asthma attacks. (See link below)

Parents are encouraged to discuss this with their healthcare provider and complete a asthma action plan with the assistance of their healthcare provider.   If your healthcare providers prescribes medication for the treatment of asthma a Medication Authorization Form (see link below) must also be completed by parent/guardian and prescribing healthcare provider. Asthma Action Plan (see link below) and Medication Authorization Form (see link below) must be submitted to the school nurse and will be kept on file in the nurse's office.

School Nurse: Asthma Letter

Medication Authorization Form

Asthma Action Plan

Students in K- 8 grade will be addressed on a case by case basis to determine if they meet conditions for self- administrations of inhalers.

Enacted in 2011, Public Act 97-0361 made significant changes to Section 22-30 of the School Code. As of August 15, 2011, Section 22-30 of the School Code required the following:

For Asthma Medication: A school must permit a pupil with asthma the self-administration of medication so long as the parent provided (1) written authorization, and (2) a prescription label with the name of the medication, the prescribed dosage and the time or circumstances under which the medication is to be administered.
Self Administration Form